Raton New Mexico, it's called the Land Of Enchantment but we call it home.

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Welcome to the Raton Communication Project

If you already have a login and password click on the login link to go directly to your account.

The Raton Communication Project is limmited to 3,000 members and not avalible to everyone. If you live in the 87740 zip code or have a business in Raton you can apply to be a member. Membership is for individuals 18 or older and is a privlage and not a right. If you do not login to your account in a 3 month period or abuse your membership you can louse it.

If you would like a membership in the Raton Communication Project please send an email to register@ratonnm.us and provide the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Current Email address
Birth Date
Home Address

If you live outsite the 87740 zip code please exlaine why you would like to be a member of the Raton Communication Project.

After you have been approved we will email a login and password to your current email address.

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